It has been nearly 15 months since the Patient Care Center first opened its doors, and the College along with its students have already benefitted tremendously.  With clearly demarcated clinics housing state-of-the-art equipment, in an absolutely spectacular facility, the College of Optometry may have the premier such clinical facility in the country.  Certainly, the alumni and friends who visited the Patient Care Center for the UMSL Reception at the annual MOA meeting were very complimentary.

Much credit must be given to our alumni for exceptional support.  To date, 177 alumni have pledged $512,000.  This includes 123 alumni who have pledged a minimum of $1,000 over a one-to-five-year period.  Five alumni have sponsored examination lanes by pledging a minimum of $25,000.  This is in addition to several members of administration and friends of the College who have sponsored examinations lanes.  The UMSL Vision 20/20 Today Giving Board includes all donors and is located prominently in the reception area of the Patient Care Center.   Several of our alumni donors have provided testimonials, included below.

Individual donations and room sponsorships are certainly very welcome.  Please visit our online giving site  and then specify “UMSL PCC” in the Notes box.  And by all means if you have not yet seen the UMSL Patient Care Center, please come by and take a tour!

The UMSL Vision 20/20 Today Giving Board displayed in the lobby


“I give to build the future of our profession.  I want to have a hand in ensuring students are provided with the best tools and environment to learn and practice.  The Patient Care Center is vital to accomplish this goal.  The new clinic also allows better service to the community.  Supporting the Patient Care Clinic impacts the students of today, the optometrists of tomorrow, and leaves a legacy which will impact thousands in the years to come.”

Laurie Thompson, OD (’16)
Academy Kids Vision
Colorado Springs, CO

An exam room sponsorship

“I believe it comes from the old Spiderman movies, “with great power, comes great responsibility,” as Uncle Ben talked to the budding Peter Parker.  Those of us lucky enough to get accepted to this great program at UMSL need to help the future graduates.”

Rebecca Robinson, OD (’01)
Focused Eye Care, Pc
Omaha, NE

4. ConferenceRoom
Conference Room

“I chose to attend UMSL based on the wonderful staff and faculty that I met on my visit. The on-campus clinic facility was underwhelming, to say the least, and I chose UMSL despite of that. I felt it important to support the new Patient Care Center because the new facility is giving current students and future colleagues the ability to learn and practice optometry without limitations.  UMSL now has a world-class clinic facility to match its world-class faculty and staff.”

Kevin Biermann OD (’09)
Biermann Eye Health
Warrenton, MO

The PCC Conference Room sponsorship

“The decision to make a pledge and donate to the Patient Care Center was really quite simple. This was an opportunity to give back and make a real difference by supporting this facility in a very tangible way. UMSL College of Optometry has helped many students aspiring to help and serve their respective communities while also helping and serving their own community with the Patient Care Center. It really is a win-win, and I am honored to play a small part in this process.”

Timothy J. Blankenship, OD (’06)
Hill Vision Services
Creve Coeur, MO

“The opportunity to support the new Patient Care Center was an easy decision for me.  I am very grateful for my experiences at UMSL.  I met great friends and colleagues, received invaluable mentorship, and of course was provided a quality education.  Donating to the cause is my way to show my appreciation and pay it forward.”

Rob Ensley, OD, FAAO, FSLS (’13)
Gaddie Eye Centers
Louisville, KY

“The new Patient Care Center will empower students to transfer classroom academics into clinical skills.  The students will enhance their training and serve the community; it is a win-win for all.  I am happy to support this endeavor for the students, the future of the program, and the profession of optometry.”

Ann Laurenzi-Jones OD (’98)
NorthShore Medical Group
Glenview, IL

Low Vis room
The PCC Vision Rehabilitation Room sponsorship

“I am a proud graduate of the UM-St. Louis College of Optometry. It is my pleasure to be able to support the new Patient Care Center on the university campus.  The clinic is amazing and so well-equipped; it speaks volumes to my alma mater and to the profession. It is important for the students to have experience and training in a multidisciplinary clinic with state-of-the-art technology.”

Debbie Kerber, OD (’92)
Resler-Kerber Optometry, Inc.
Florissant, MO

“Some of my best memories during optometry school were clinical rotations and interacting with “real” patients.   I am very excited to support UMSL’s new state-of-the-art Patient Care Center to ensure our next generation of optometrists receive the best possible clinical training.  I am also proud to know those community members who seek care at the new clinic will be treated at a world-class facility.  Thank you to everyone who has made the new Patient Care Center a reality!”

Lori Elliott, OD (’94)
Eye Associates of St. Charles
Saint Peters, MO

“An institution’s infrastructure is important in so many ways.  Whether it be a college football program trying to lure the star recruit, or a university attempting to attract the best and brightest faculty and students, having a state-of-the-art facility can make all the difference.   For far too long, there has been a void at the College of Optometry regarding its clinical facility.  That void no longer exists.  We now have that beautiful facility, but the task is incomplete.  Equipping it is an ongoing process and it requires us to complete the task; to help build a legacy.  As alumni, it’s our duty to help solidify this legacy.”

Sean P. Mulqueeny, OD (’91)
Mulqueeny Eye Centers
Saint Louis, MO

“I see my contribution to this project as a token of my appreciation not only to the school which has made it possible for me to participate in a very gratifying and rewarding occupation, but also to the leadership and staff who I consider friends and part of a large extended family.”

Steve Barnett, OD (’84)
Barnett Family Eyecare
Sikeston, MO


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