1.UMSLPatientCareCenterThe compliments continue to come in for the UMSL Patient Care Center which may, in fact, represent the most impressive such facility in the country.  If you have not had the opportunity to visit the PCC and take a tour we encourage you to do so. We are also very appreciative of the large number of alumni who have contributed to the PCC and, in particular, toward the sponsorship of examination rooms. The “Donor Board”, located prominently in the lobby, is updated regularly with individual and company donors.  We are approaching $1,000,000 in donations with a significant amount of the funding being provided by alumni.  Alumni giving is an ongoing process so please consider a gift if you have not done so to date.  You can go to www.umsl.edu > Alumni > Give > Ways to Give > Where to Give > Colleges and Schools > College of Optometry > Optometry Patient Care Center Building. For your convenience we have created a shortcut. Please donate here.

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