KateRachel2When you meet 3rd-year College of Optometry students Rachel Simpson and Kate Hamm, it doesn’t take long to pick up on their chemistry and their enthusiasm for optometry. This dynamic duo has already picked up a national award from Project Foresight, and now they’re venturing into the world of podcasts.

After winning the Project Foresight award, Rachel and Kate were contacted by Dr. Jennifer Lyerly, cofounder of Defocus Media, to be interviewed for her podcast. That encounter led to an offer for the women to start their own podcast. “They really liked our chemistry, and we could be in charge of what we wanted the podcast to look like,” Kate said. Rachel records audiobooks and had done a podcast before, so the comfort level was already there.

The name of the podcast, Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate, offers a clue to the relaxed vibe of the conversations. “It’s just two friends talking,” said Rachel, adding, “We talk about wage equality, satisfaction with the optometry profession, and other topical issues.” The podcasts, which will be released every other Thursday, can be found at https://defocusmedia.com/optometry-podcast-channel. The direct link is: https://defocusmedia.com/optometry-podcast-lunch-date-with-rachel-kate-podcast

The Twitter handle for the podcast is @RKlunchdate. And yes, they do actually have lunch during the podcast, but you won’t hear them munching while on the microphone. When asked to name their favorite podcasts, Kate chose Slow Burn, and Rachel cited My Brother, My Brother, and Me. The pair is excited to add their voices to the national conversation surrounding optometry. Kate said, “It’s great to be part of something that’s getting a lot of reach.” Grab a sandwich (or a quiche, which Kate made for one episode), and tune in to hear an UMSL perspective on the profession.

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