Recruitment Video Wins Gold Award

I am excited to announce our recent recruitment video, UMSL OPTOMETRY. WELCOME HOME. won the Gold Award for Digital Video Ad-less than 2 minutes from Educational Advertising Awards. This video began our new recruitment strategy with the help of Ryan Molitor, Nick┬áPalisch, and Janice White. The video was produced by Jon Morgan and his team … Continue reading Recruitment Video Wins Gold Award

UMSL OPTOMETRY: Welcome Home Video

Over the past several months we have been preparing and creating our newest recruitment video!What makes UMSL Optometry different? The relationships, the connections, the home feel, and the excellent educational experience our students have while attending UMSL Optometry! Enjoy!!! #students #highereducation #recruitment #connections #experience #video #college #education #umsl #umsloptometry #UmsloptometryWelcomeHome

Being a Builder and a Change Agent.

Most people may tell you that they have an interesting story or say they do not feel they have one.  For sure, everyone has a story, and sometimes it depends on how that story is told. Dr. Brianne Hobbs, a 2010 graduate of UMSL College of Optometry, felt that her story was absent of inspiration, … Continue reading Being a Builder and a Change Agent.