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Optometrist-Mercy Eye Care

Optometrist performs eye examinations and vision tests to determine the presence of visual, and other problems relating to the eye.

Prescribe lenses and other optical aids or provides therapy.

Determine the nature and extent of vision problems and abnormalities by examining patients eyes using a variety of instruments, techniques, and tests. In some cases prescribe therapeutic drugs to treat eye conditions.

Correct vision defects by prescribing glasses or contact lenses, special optical aids such as telescopic and microscopic devices, exercises, or changes in working conditions (such as improved lighting).

Manage minor eye conditions or refer patients to specialists, such as ophthalmologists, when eye diseases are detected and medical or surgical treatment is required.

Give advice on the application of visual standards and contribute to industrial safety programs.

Performs duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with our mission, values, and Mercy Service Standards.

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