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Work with a well-established, highly ethical, private MD / OD practice who believes in treating patients and staff like a loved family member. We have a wonderful work culture of fun-loving doctors and staff.

You will be busy immediately! By year two, expect to see 35-40 patients / day! The incoming doctor will have the full support of Techs who complete workups including history, IOP check and refraction; and Scribes who will complete the medical record, post the charge, and escort the patient through their appointment.

·       Private, Independent Practice

·       30+ Year History with Excellent Reputation

·       State of the Art Facilities and Equipment

·       Onsite Optical

·       Fantastic Mentors!

·       Low Turnover

We will provide a competitive compensation package — $170-180K is realistic!

We have over 30 years’ experience growing a practice and there will not be a problem continuing to grow this practice with a willing doctor.

This is a wonderful opportunity with a great group of people just 45 minutes southeast of downtown Dallas! Learn more about this opportunity….please get in touch with OjO, Ophthalmology jobs Online at:

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