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Looking for an O.D. with experience in Cornea / Refractive for LASIK / LASEK Practice.
We will consider new grad O.D.’s in this role.

About You

You are an accomplished and self-motivated Optometrist interested in learning from and working for the best. You’re proud of your patient care skills, your ability to advise patients on refractive surgery questions and post-operative concerns, and you are eager for a new challenge to outperform your peers. You are seeking a Laser Vision Correction Center that sees interesting cases from all over the world, recognizes your excellence, and rewards your high performance.

About Us

We utilize the most innovative medical advances in ophthalmology to fulfill our mission to provide patients with the Highest Quality Surgical Care. We are the only center using 100% non-cutting procedures to help patients achieve their Personal Best Vision. As the only Laser Eye Correction Center in NY accredited for Medical Residency Training, we are committed to the professional growth of our team and provide all training and ongoing support.

Our Founder and Head Refractive Surgeon graduated from Dartmouth, and Harvard, and was on the teaching faculty of Harvard Medical School. He completed a full fellowship in Corneal Transplantation & Refractive Surgery at Emory under George Waring, MD, who introduced RK and LASIK to the US. After being the first Refractive Surgeon in NY to receive LASIK in 1999, he helped invent LASEK at Harvard. He has performed over 25,000 procedures, including the highest prescription in world history, -24.00 D!

Your Responsibilities

•       Conduct Pre and Post Refractive Eye Exams and other applicable diagnostic testing

•       Answer questions and provide advice to patients regarding refractive surgery options

•       Diagnose Keratoconus and other corneal disorders

•       Discuss treatment options including on-site Corneal Cross-Linking

•       Respond to emergency questions by immediate post-op patients

•       Deliver outstanding customer service through all patient interactions

•       Assist in the development of the overall practice

Our Opportunity

Unique Bonus: We would love to find an OD who is a candidate for a Free LASEK procedure, so that they can be a Living Testimonial.

•       Full-time, Monday through Friday, No Weekends or Holidays

•       Salary is Commensurate with Experience

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