COVID Disruption – Patient Care Center

The first emails came in early March, warning UMSL campus-wide that travel arrangements were either cancelled or postponed. Things escalated quickly; notices began to come multiple times a day from UM System, the media, and campus leaders. COVID-19 went from a vague concept to a global pandemic. Across campuses, UM System effectively shut down as … Continue reading COVID Disruption – Patient Care Center

COVID Disruption – Professors

Due to the pandemic and for the safety of students and faculty, the UMSL School of Optometry began its online journey in March immediately following spring break. During this time, professors diligently worked to ensure that students continued to succeed in their courses by adapting to the challenges faced and by incorporating new ideas. In … Continue reading COVID Disruption – Professors

Everyone Has a Story: Faith and Family Defines Him

Cole Stanton (Class of 2023) He stands 6’4” tall with a traditional football player’s build as he walks into the classroom, but everyone knows that Cole Stanton is what you call a “gentle giant.” According to Cole, his story is nothing extraordinary, but what lies beneath the surface of this young man is a charismatic … Continue reading Everyone Has a Story: Faith and Family Defines Him