IMG_5850The student lounge where students can heat up their lunch, nap, and study has a new name:  The Focal Point.  The name for the student lounge was decided on by popular vote over the summer after soliciting students, faculty and staff about creating a name to foster an identity for the group space.

After soliciting possible names for the group space, the list was narrowed down to five possibilities:  Focal Point, Pupil Place, Optic Center, Reflection Point, and Convergence Center.  After two weeks of voting, Focal Point emerged as the winner with 37% of the vote.  “The idea of creating a space with a name helps to establish an identity for the college and so we decided to solicit names for the space, which generated some very creative possibilities—after the nomination of names, we put it to a vote and Focal Point won out which seems fitting for an optometric space” commented Nick Palisch, Director of Student and Alumni Services.  This space will be a place that is easily identified and one that will continue to evolve into a space that promotes student engagement through meetings, break-time, and studying.


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