Residents17_18An annual tradition at UMSL College of Optometry is Residency Day.  Each year in October, the UMSL-affiliated optometry residents convene to deliver a top-notch day of continuing education for the local practitioners, faculty, and the third- and fourth-year students at the College of Optometry.  The event is generously sponsored by Alcon, Allergan, and CooperVision.  Five hours of continuing education is provided by short lectures from each of the 10 affiliated and 2 in-house resident doctors, in a Grand Rounds fashion.

UMSL has four affiliated VA-based residencies, one affiliated Children’s Hospital residency, and two in-house residencies at UMSL.  The Kansas City VA Medical Center has three residency positions and is coordinated by Dr. Tim Harkins.  The Saint Louis VA Medical Center has two residency positions and is coordinated by Dr. Julia Pulliam.  The Marion VA Medical Center has two residency positions and is coordinated by Dr. Linda Lucas.  The Robert J Dole VA Medical Center in Wichita has two residency positions and is coordinated by Dr. Michelle Dent.  Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City has a pediatric residency that is coordinated by Dr. Tim Hug.  The two residencies based at UMSL are Cornea and Contact Lens, and Pediatrics.  Dr. Julie DeKinder is Director of Residencies and the Coordinator for the Cornea and Contact Lens residency program. Dr. Aaron Franzel is the coordinator for the Pediatric residency program.

The 2017 Residency Day was held Thursday, October 19.  Each resident gave a Grand Rounds presentation.  At the conclusion of the presentations, the third- and fourth-year professional students participated in a residency question-and-answer session with the current residents.  This is a great opportunity for the students to interact with the residents and learn more about residencies in general; as well as the application process, interviewing, ORMatch, and what being a resident entails.   The UMSL affiliated residents for 2017-18 are listed by site below and include five UMSL graduates:

Kansas City VA: Drs. Detlef Sleichter, Grace Farrell, and Kate Oliver

Children’s Mercy Hospital: Dr. Marnie Harris

Marion VA: Drs. Juna Abazi (’17) and Coral Pucci (’17)

Saint Louis VA: Drs. Cailyn Katsev (’17) and Amy Schaag (’17)

Wichita VA: Drs. Bryce Krehbiel (’17) and Nicholas Steinshouer

UMSL Cornea and Contact Lenses: Dr. Ariel Cerenzie

UMSL Pediatrics: Dr. Bethany Rosenthal

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