Every year, there are numerous contact lens programs presented to our students: including the STAPLE soft toric and soft multifocal programs and the GP Lens Institute’s annual lecture and Grand Rounds program.  The latter is always presented by Dr. Tom Quinn, a top-rated lecturer from Athens, Ohio. Dr. Quinn is a former Ohio Optometric Association OD of the Year recipient as well as Chair of the AOA Contact Lens and Cornea Section.  He is also a theatrical performer as well as a lead singer in his Doo Wop band “Remember When.”  Our class of 2020, who have an interest in contact lenses, were treated to a special performance: a planned duet by Dr. Quinn with our annual Talent Show award winner, Madison Moss (’20).  They were outstanding, and the students were very engaged in the educational program.

Figure1Dr. Quinn and Madison Moss ('20)Dr. Quinn with Madison Moss (’20)


Figure2CLFacultyGPLI Faculty and Coordinators (left to right): Ursula Lotzkat, Dr. Julie Dekinder, Dr. Jessica Tu, Dr. Tom Quinn, Dr. Ed Bennett, Dr. Vinita Henry, Dr. Beth Henderson, and Dr. Jonathan Chen

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