UMSL Optometry is taking our communications to the next level. We have published EyeWire quarterly for many years, but starting with this issue, you will see the EyeWire every other month to give more timely updates on what is happening at the college.  Our goal is to publish stories that make you feel more connected with us.

The next level of the EyeWire will be in the form of a podcast. Our creative team has used the last few months to expand this popular way to disseminate information. There is work started on the back end to bring news updates and student profiles to a streaming platform near you. These podcasts will typically be shorter but will highlight a current student in the optometry program. It will provide some background on the student and why they chose UMSL. Faculty, staff, and alumni will also be invited on to tell their optometric story. We will keep you updated when it is going to drop.

Our Blog and social media posts will also be updated regularly, covering topics ranging from life as an optometric student, our alumni, optometry-related news, and features on various aspects of the college.  

We believe these new steps are a great way for us to connect with you, the reader. We can’t wait to start releasing this new content! If you have a story, a new position, an idea, or an announcement about a birth or a marriage, please let us know by emailing us at

Our new team includes several writers.

Dean Larry Davis, Publisher
Nick Palisch, Editor-in-Chief
Erin Schaeffer, Editor
Janice White, Graphic Designer

Writers and Contributors:
Samantha Butcher
Cassidy Cooley
Shelby Griggs
Joel Holmquist, Podcast Producer
Ryan Molitor
Jacob Travis
Gabriella Watson

If you are interested in being a part of this group, reach out to Nick Palisch at

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