The College of Optometry was well represented and very active at the 58th Annual Heart of America Eye Care Congress, held February 15th – 17th in Kansas City.  Alumni were greeted by UMSL representatives and faculty at our booth in the Exhibit Hall as well as at our ever-popular alumni reception, held Saturday evening before the annual banquet.  UMSL faculty and alumni were involved in the educational program.  Associate Clinical Professor Dr. Julie DeKinder presented courses on scleral lenses as well as myopia control and also coordinated scleral lens workshops.  Dr. Rebecca Wartman (’87) lectured on coding and technology.  UMSL students, faculty, and alumni were also well represented during the scientific poster session. These posters included:

Breathing Easy, for the Patient and Yourself: Contact Lens Vision Rehabilitation for a thirty-six-year-old Corneal Graft with Edema, by Drs. Jonathan Chen and Julie DeKinder

Corneal Blood Staining Secondary to a Spontaneous Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage, by Dr. Carolyn Draude (’18)

Evaluation and Management of an Advanced Case of Basal Cell Carcinoma, by Dr. Ramya Natarajan (’18)

Experience, Negotiation, and the Gender Wage Gap in Optometry was presented by Rachel Simpson (’19), Breanna Scott (’19), Kate Hamm (’19), Jacquelyn Tyra (’19), Heather Jackson (’19), Lulette Fermil (’19), Leslie Kinder ‘19, Dr. Angel Simmons, and Dr. Carl Bassi

Pediatric Low Vision Rehabilitation in an Atypical Case of Norrie Disease, by Dr. Caitlyn Reynolds (’18)

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